Q: What is the Washington state history and government requirement?
A: According to Washington state law, students are required to study "Washington state history and government which shall include study of the Constitution of the state of Washington and is encouraged to include information on the culture, history, and government of the American Indian people who were the first inhabitants of the state."
Q: Why do I need to do this?
A: Most public school students in Washington state fulfill this requirement by 9th grade. However, due to different circumstances, many students need to fulfill this requirement because they did not have the opportunity previously.
Q: If I attended a school from another state and completed its state history course do I need to fulfill this requirement?

A: Not necessarily. Your school counselor will need to contact your previous school to determine if you satisfied the requirement.

Q: Will I receive credit for completing the requirement?

A: No. However, by fulfilling the requirement you will be eligible to graduate.

Q: What exactly do I need to do to fulfill the requirement?

A:  It's pretty straightforward. Watch two presentations, one on Washington State's Constitution and another on American Indians native to the Pacific Northwest. While watching the presentations, read the content and respond to the questions listed below each presentation.

Q: How can I get started?

A: Click the links above.

Q: When is the requirement due date?

A: Submit your work before spring break. Please email me at joe.wooding@bellinghamschools.org to confirm that you have submitted your work.