About APUSH: The exam tests knowledge of U.S. History from the first European explorations of the Americas up through modern times. Reading and writing skills are essential to performing well on the test. The three-hour-and-five-minute exam has two sections: a 55-minute multiple-choice and a 130-minute free-response section. Exam topics include political institutions and behavior, public policy, social and economic change, diplomacy and international relations, and cultural and intellectual developments.
APUSH Topic Outline: The topic outline is intended as a guide for students preparing to take the AP U.S History Exam. Click on the links to access more detailed information on each topic.
Past APUSH Exams: This link offers access to free-response questions from past AP United States History Exams. Included with the questions are scoring guidelines, sample student responses, and commentary on those responses, as well as exam statistics and the Chief Reader's Student Performance Q&A for past administrations.
American Pageant: This link serves as a companion resource to the American Pageant textbook. Select a chapter then click on one of the following: "Prepare for Class" offers chapter summaries and themes; "Improve Your Grade" offers flashcards, interactive maps, chronology exercises, primary source materials, and other tools; "ACE Practice Test" allows users to complete online quizzes.
Course Notes: This link provides AP US History outlines, notes, vocabulary terms, topic notes, practice quizzes, court cases, political parties, political timelines and biographies. Many of these resources correspond to the American Pageant textbook.